If this is your life …

  • betty smart plug and mobile app

    It was your turn to turn the water pump motor ON

  • betty smart plug and mobile app

    These kids just keep the AC ON the whole day. How do I control my electricity consumption?

  • betty smart plug and mobile app

    Forgot to leave the set-top box ON
    How do I record my favourite show now?

Let betty make things easier

A smart plug plus mobile app solution that helps you manage your daily appliances

  • Switch on/off your appliance from anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor electricity usage and cost
  • Secure your home while you’re away

& that’s not all, click on features below to check out Betty’s Super Powers

  • Control any Appliance

    Betty works with all your 16amp appliances. It is good to use with appliances viz. AC, geyser, water pump motor etc. It works with all appliance brands and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You can even use it with 5amp ~ 6amp appliances by attaching a 16amp - 6amp convertor.

  • Monitor Energy Consumption

    Say goodbye to bill shocks at the end of the month. Betty helps you monitor the power consumed by the appliance & enables you to benefit from cost savings through reduction of wasteful consumption.

  • Set Scheduler

    You can set scheduler for routine activities. Betty will then automatically turn appliance ON/OFF at the set time and send alerts to all users when done.

  • Turn Appliance ON/OFF

    Use the toggle button in the be-connected app to turn an appliance ON or OFF from anywhere - home, office or even a different city. When at home, you can even use the power button on top of the smartplug to turn it ON or OFF.

  • Receive Notifications

    Get to know when the appliance turns ON or OFF or receive an alert if there is an intruder detected by the motion sensor. Be-connected app sends notifications to all users to update about appliance activities.

  • Manage Users

    Share Betty with your family, flatmates or anyone concerned with the use of the appliance by inviting them from the be-connected app. Betty allows one master and unlimited child users. You have the ability to edit their roles and even restrict users from accessing an appliance which they no longer manage.

  • Get Intruder Alerts

    Betty comes with a detachable motion sensor. It can detect movement within 30 feet of its proximity to notify you & your emergency contacts via text and email when there is an intrusion. No more worries of your home while you are away.

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