Support to Control Home Appliances

  • Product Specifications & compatibility

    Betty is a smart-plug and mobile application solution

    Product Technical specifications

    • Input rating 230VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Max output rating 16A, 230VAC
    • Max current handling: 16A
    • Tested for electronic load and conforming to IS 13252 (Part-1):2010
    • Not for use in water. Indoor use only

    Compatible with 16 Amp appliances

    • Standard 16A appliances could be an air conditioner, heater, geyser and a water motor pump. Please confirm with the product manual before connecting
    • To use with 5A-6A appliances such as a Lamp, Television etc. you can use a simple 16A – 6A convertor or a multiplug.

    Download the free be-connected app for iOS and android smartphones.

    • Betty works on the Mobile App be-connected that is available on Google playstore & Apple App store
    • The be-connected App is compatible with Android V4.4 or higher and iOS 7.0 & above
  • Product Features

    1. Turn the appliance ON-OFF remotely

    Betty helps you remotely switch ON/OFF your appliance as per your convenience. Turn it ON/OFF from wherever you are in 3 easy steps:

    • Launch the be-connected app
    • Select appliance from the list of all the appliances
    • Swipe toggle to turn ON/OFF the appliance

    2. Monitor your Savings & Energy Consumption

    Monitor Your Savings is a feature that helps you track your appliance’s energy consumption & also the cost savings that result from using Betty. To enable Monitor Your Savings:

    • Launch the be-connected app
    • When adding a device, click monitor your savings> swipe right to enable it> enter power consumption of appliance, daily average usage, currency & cost per unit
    • In case device is already added, go to settings> device settings> select appliance> monitor your savings & enter details

    Note: Incase there are more than one users of Betty then only the user who is ‘Master’ can add/edit or delete any data.

    3. Control any appliance

    Betty has been specially designed to work with all 16amp appliances; irrespective of the brand, year of manufacturing or any appliance specifications. Betty connects you to any of your appliances through the be-connected app.

    • Plugin appliance through Betty
    • Add the appliance to the be-connected app to control it remotely
    • Edit appliance details
    • To change the appliance
      • Delete current appliance
      • Press reset button when Betty is plugged in
      • Plug-in new appliance through Betty
      • Add the new appliance to the be-connected app

    4. Set Scheduler

    Betty’s in-built scheduler helps you automatically turn the appliance ON-OFF at a set time, thereby saving you the effort & worry on missing out on your pre-planned activities. Mostly consumers use this feature to auto turn on-off their geysers, TV set top boxes, ACs & water pump motors. To set the scheduler:

    • Click on Scheduler bell icon on home screen of be-connected app
    • Swipe toggle to activate/deactivate scheduler
    • Set ON time to turn appliance ON at scheduled time
    • Set OFF time to turn appliance OFF at scheduled time
    • Check repeat & select days for repeat action and press save on top right of the screen

    5. Receive Notifications

    Betty’s innovative technology helps you to communicate with your appliance instantaneously in the form of real time notifications. These notifications are sent in the form of acknowledgements and alerts and SMS( in case of Motion sensor intruder detection). Every action that you perform will provide you with a notification confirmation on your be-connected App. The notifications will contain the user details (name or email id) alongwith the timestamp details of when the action was performed.

    Receive all remote ON-OFF, automatic scheduled ON-OFF, motion sensor alerts & notifications on your smartphone.

    6. Receive intruder alerts – Home Security

    Betty’s unique Home Security feature helps you keep a watch on your house even when you are away. Using this feature you will receive intruder alerts detected by Betty’s motion sensor on your smartphone as well as on your emergency contact nos, incase some intruder crosses Betty’s line of sight . Here’s how:

    • Attach motion sensor on top of the plug properly (see ‘how to set up’ screen in motion sensor section of be-connected app for more details)
    • Insert Betty into power socket. Turn power socket ON. Wait for LED to stabilize
    • Ensure you are not in front of the motion sensor & there is no movement around the sensor when setting up (15-20 seconds) as this is the calibration time
    • Click motion sensor icon on home screen of be-connected app
    • Swipe toggle to active/deactivate motion sensor
    • Enter emergency contact numbers
    • Betty will send in-app notification to all users and SMS alerts to emergency contact numbers on movement within 30 feet of its proximity
    • Email will also be sent to the registered email id
    • Swipe left to disable motion sensor. If motion sensor is turned OFF from the app or is not enabled, it will remain inactive even if it is attached to Betty plug

    7. Manage & Restrict Users

    Alongwith the above innovative features Betty comes with a unique and highly user friendly feature of providing customer the right to control , manage & restrict the number of users of their Betty-Smart Plug. Using this feature one can :

    • Invite users : Launch be-connected App(home screen)> Invite users>select appliance & email id of desired users
    • Restrict users : Launch be-connected App(home screen)> settings>Users
    • Manage rights to users : Launch be-connected App(home screen)> settings>Users

    Incase there is more than one user of Betty, then by default the first user who adds Betty-the smart plug becomes the ‘Master’ user & the other subsequent users adopt the role of ‘Child’ users. The Master user has all administrative rights of Betty (please check detailed FaQs for further information).

  • How to set-up

    1. Install Betty - the Smart Plug

    1. Take the motion sensor & smart plug out of the box
    2. Turn OFF the power socket and Plug-in the smart plug into the power socket
    3. Plug-in a compatible home appliance into the smart plug and Turn ON the power source
    4. A blue LED light will appear that would blink quickly for the first few seconds and then stabilize to a steady blinking state(at best, in 10-15 seconds)
    5. Your smart plug is now ready to use

    Note: If the above is Not working, Please contact us

    2. Register yourself on the be-connected app and add a home appliance

    1. Download the be-connected app from Google Playstore (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS)
    2. Note down the Serial No. given on the Betty box (also printed on the sticker on the smart plug)
    3. Now Register yourself on the app and add your smart plug (and the home appliance to the app) using the serial number that you have noted above.
    4. Hard work done. You’re now all set to manage your home appliance from your smartphone from anywhere and at anytime. Enjoy.

      Remember :

      1. To operate the home appliance via the app, the appliance should always be plugged into the smart plug and the power supply to the smart plug should always be in the ON state.
      2. The default state of the power supply to your home appliance via the smart plug would always be OFF (Even though the power supply to the smart plug will be ON).
      3. The first registered user to add the appliance will automatically be designated as the master user (for further details refer to rights of the Master user )
      4. Incase you have been invited by an existing Betty user to use the app, then simply register with the email id that you have been invited on & once you login you will automatically see the home appliance added to your app
  • More FAQ's

    1. How do I add an appliance?

    To use Betty remotely, first add the appliance to the be-connected app:

    • Log in to the be-connected app
    • Click ‘+’ top right corner of the home screen to add an appliance
    • Enter Appliance Number - Serial No. printed on the box and in the invoice
    • Enter Appliance Name - enter appliance name or choose default
    • Enter Brand Name - select from the list
    • Click picture or select from gallery or choose default
    • Enter Monitor Your Savings- swipe right to enable it (optional), enter power consumption of appliance, daily average usage, currency & cost per unit.
    • Save all the details

    Note: Betty is not designed for any exclusive appliance use; you can add/edit/delete other appliances.

    2. How do I edit my appliance profile?

    Appliance related details can be modified from the settings section:

    • Click settings>device settings to edit appliance related details such as appliance name, brand name and picture
    • Changes made by the master user will reflect in all child user applications

    3. How can I delete an appliance from the be-connected app?

    Reset allows you to delink the appliance from your mobile application. It will be removed from master user and all child users app. To reset:

    • Make sure Betty is connected to the wall socket and power is available
    • Make sure power switch on plug is green
    • Keep reset button pressed until the green light of the power switch goes OFF
    • Wait till you get a notification of delinking
    • To add the same appliance to the app, you can start from < add device >
    Smart Plug & Switch

    4. How do I use it with a hard-wired appliance?

    Many household appliances such as a water motor pump are directly wired into your switch board. To use Betty with such an appliance, we request you to call a local electrician and get a wall socket installed between the switch board and the appliance

    5. How do I add and manage users?

    be-connected app gives you the flexibility to add users and change their roles as per your requirement.

    Add users

    • Click invite, bottom right corner of the home screen
    • Select appliance for which you want to add user
    • Enter user’s email id
    • New user will receive link to download be-connected app and register as child user
    • If user is registered on the app, they will be added as a child user and receive an email notification

    Assign New Master

    The current master user of the plug can assign any linked child as a new master user of the plug

    • Click settings > device settings
    • Select appliance
    • Go to users to see list of all users
    • Long press on active user to assign as new master

    6. How do I block and forbid users?

    Block user feature allows the master user to block any child user from controlling the plug

    • Click settings>device settings
    • Select appliance > users
    • Long press the child user & select block user

    Master user can forbid users from adding Betty to their app and prevent them from controlling the appliance

    • Click settings> device settings> users
    • Check Restrict new users option

    7. What are the rights of a master user?

    The registered user who first adds the appliance automatically becomes the master user. Master user can add unlimited child users to manage the appliance together. A master user of Betty can:

    • Turn appliance ON/OFF remotely
    • Set intruder alerts using the motion sensor
    • Set scheduler
    • Receive notifications on appliance activity.
    • Enter values for monitor your savings details to check the performance of an appliance
    • Add Betty
    • Assign new master
    • Forbid Betty
    • Edit or Delete Betty

    Note: When Master user deletes appliance from his phone, he will be asked to assign new master. If master user does not assign new master user, the appliance will be deleted for all connected child users.

    8. What are the rights of a child user ?

    The child user has limited rights for managing the appliance. The be-connected app on a child user’s phone will show only these select features as active. All child users can:

    • Turn appliance ON/OFF remotely
    • Delete appliance. Child user can delete the appliance from their app. It will not affect the appliance added on the master user and other child user’s app
    • Receive notifications on appliance activity
    • Set intruder alerts via motion sensor
    • Set scheduler

    9. How do I edit email id and password?

    To change your email id and password in the be-connected app

    • Click settings > account > change name
    • Click settings > account > change email id
    • Click settings > account >change password

    10. Does Betty require any subscription or usage charges?

    Yes, since Betty works on GSM connectivity, the subscription charges shall be charged as under:

    • In case customer buys one (01) plug, subscription charge of Rs 499/- for 6 months will be applicable
    • In case customer buys two (02) plugs, subscription charge of Rs 799/- for 6 months will be applicable
    • In case customer buys three (03) plugs, subscription charge of Rs 1050/- for 6 months will be applicable

    Note: However as an introductory offer there are no subscription charges for the First (01) year from the date of purchase. Enjoy connectivity free of any charges for the first (01) year.

  • Do’s - Don’t’s - Disclaimers


    • Use Betty with 16 amp appliances. To use with 5A-6A appliances such as lamp, television you can use a simple 16A~6A convertor. However, remember to remove the convertor when using a 16A appliance
    • After plugging-in Betty into the power source and then turning the power supply ON, (or each time when Power supply is resumed to Betty) wait for 10-15 secs till the LED stabilizes to a steady state or till a notification of “Power Resume” is sent to the app, before initiating any action on Betty
    • Take the tour after the be-connected app is installed to understand all features
    • Take a tour of the motion sensor given in the be-connected app, before using it. Incorrect attachment may damage Betty


    • Don’t connect plug directly with wires. Use only with a proper electrical socket
    • Don’t use plug and motion-sensor for under-water appliances
    • Don’t clean plug or motion sensor with liquid detergent or solvent such as benzene or alcohol
    • Don’t use plug along with the sensor under direct sun, in excessive moisture, condensation, frost, salt air or dusty environments
    • Don’t stand directly in front of motion-sensor while plugging in Betty into wall socket and turning the power supply ON. This may obstruct the path of the motion sensor & affect its calibration. Try and stand on the side, till it is set-up
    • Don’t enable motion sensor where there is heavy movement of small animals or any other object. If motion sensor is active it will send alerts


    • Betty Smartplug & be-connected mobile app are proprietary technology products of Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    • Betty Smartplug & be-connected mobile app are for use in India only. Beyond Evolution is not liable for service in no network areas or outside of India
    • Please keep plug ON at all times for it to work. If main power is turned OFF app commands will not work
    • Beyond Evolution will not be liable for any damage to your equipment/appliance used with Betty directly or indirectly due to power fluctuations
    • Energy Savings are a result of better energy management of high consumption appliance, and wastage reduction. It is not a feature built into the product or the app. Beyond Evolution does not commit to savings by using Betty. We cannot be held responsible if energy is not saved or there is an increase in cost per unit in your area.
    • Monitoring Energy consumption in the be-connected app is done via current sensor data sent from Betty. Although this data is indicative of your actual consumption it may not conform exactly with the electricity bill of your appliance
    • Betty works with a GSM SIM card. All SIM card related regulations are applicable to users. Users are not allowed to tamper with the plug and misuse the SIM. Any case reported of use/misuse of SIM independent of use with Betty as such will be the liability of the user
    • Connectivity to the Smartplug is subject to Airtel network availability
    • Beyond Evolution does not have access or use the payment data shared by you with the payment gateway or e-commerce company at time of purchase. Beyond Evolution will not be liable for any transaction done between you and the third party ecommerce vendor


    • Smartphone used in promotion material viz., website, leaflet, App etc is not part of the product
    • Motion sensor feature will work only when activated/enabled & not by default
    • Users are advised not to use Betty with emergency products or products which require supervision such as electric gas stove, medical equipment
    • Users are advised not to use Betty in no/bad network areas such as building basement, lifts, steep inclines, and out of coverage areas

    be-connected app

    • This software is for License use only. It is not sold to you with Betty plug. Any misuse or claim of this software whatsoever is not permitted. It is a proprietary technology of Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions

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