Terms of Service

End User License Agreement

‘Betty’TM and ‘BeConnected’ TM are registered brand names of Beyond Evolution Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Specifically with reference to this document; ‘Betty’ means the smart plug solution. It comprises the hardware, be-connected mobile application (unless mentioned separately), and associated web services. Unless for purpose of stating clear intent, in which case it will be specified whether the information relates to the hardware, application or any specific service. Unless for purpose of stating clear intent, in which case it will be specified whether the information relates to the hardware, application or any specific service. For the purpose of this document the following abbreviations will be used:

  • App will refer to the be-connected mobile application
  • Web will refer to the BeConnected website associated with be-connected app and web related services

Terms of Sale

‘Betty’ is available for sale in India through beconnected.in and e-commerce stores only. If you purchase the hardware, it will be assumed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions clearly listed out on the website, e-commerce sale portal and the app (software licensing & privacy).

During the process of e-commerce, information pertinent to completing the transaction will be collected. This will include private information such as name, age, contact details, banking information and address for delivery.

  • Beyond Evolution, will use this information to liaison with the concerned authority i.e. e-commerce company for sale, payment gateway and bank for completing the payment, logistics company for delivery. We will share the information as required with these third party vendors on a business agreement. The agreement will protect our customer data from resale by any of these parties.
  • Only information collected and shared by e-commerce Company, payment gateways and bank will be stored by us at our server. Beyond Evolution will ensure only authorised person can access the data stored on our server.

Terms of Use

‘Betty hardware’ is meant for use along with the ‘be-connected app’ that can be downloaded either from the Apple App store or Google Play Store, depending upon the smartphone’s operating system. The usage of Betty is not permitted unless you read and accept the terms of the license set in the be-connected app. The terms accepted by the user include the following:

  • That you are of permissible age (age 18 years and above) to use the hardware and app.
  • You have read and checked compatibility of Betty smart plug with the appliance it is to be used for. Beyond Evolution can consult and advise users on appliance use through our support mechanism. However, we take no responsibility of compatibility with the appliance.
  • That the be-connected app works only along with the Betty hardware.
  • That the hardware can be used by multiple users after installing the application. The License Agreement holds for all users using Betty.
  • Only one (01) person will be designated as ‘master user’ for the plug hardware. More users can download the app, register separately as child user(s) and enter into a new license agreement for the app.
  • That Betty hardware is filed under patent (pending). Copying the hardware is in direct violation of this patent.
  • Copying the be-connected app software is restricted. You agree to not copy, share, or sell this software.

Terms of Data/Privacy Policy

  • You accept that software will collect relevant appliance data to communicate with your smartphone. As per rule 3 of the Information Technology notification (2011), be-connected app will as part of registrations capture the following personal information of the user: full name, email id, password, contact and financial information for transactions. Please refer to ‘Terms of Sale’ for policy on usage of data collected during sale transactions.
  • It will be in accordance to section 3 (ii) of the Information Technology notification (2011).
  • Beyond Evolution reserves rights to use the generic data such as usage patterns to improve software updates and product features. Beyond Evolution may utilise general consumer data collected over time to share with partner companies such as electronics companies or electricity companies that will utilise the data to improve services. Data includes appliance usage; electricity consumption which you will be asked to fill in via the app. Beyond Evolution respects customer privacy by not using this data at a personal level and will share overall trends for benefit of service improvement only.
    • Beyond Evolution uses:

      1. Personal data to provide service and address customer issues. This data is not shared with any third party.
      2. General appliance related data to develop usage trends, research and analysis. This data is not linked to any particular individual and is generalised before it is sent for internal/external analysis.
    • Beyond Evolution does not:

      1. Have access or use the payment data shared by you with the ecommerce company or the payment gateways at time of purchase. Beyond Evolution will not be liable for any transaction done between you and the third party ecommerce vendor. (Terms of sale)
  • Beyond Evolution will take customer permission to use any of this information such as name, contact details for marketing purpose. Beyond Evolution will not use this information without prior customer approval or exchange it with a third party who is not concerned with the sale or improvement of services.
  • You understand that be-connected app will command data remotely and any charges you incur will be your responsibility. Beyond Evolution will not be held responsible for any charge incurred by you or on your behalf for Betty data services.

Terms of Warranty

  • Beyond Evolution provides a twelve month warranty for the plug hardware. It’s understood that you have read and agreed to the warranty & replacement terms and conditions mentioned on the www.beconnected.in website.
  • For the software, Beyond Evolution disclaims all warranties to the maximum extent permitted by law. The software is extended to you or anyone else associated with the use of this solution without any warranty. You will not hold Beyond Evolution responsible for any loss that may occur. Although we do our best in providing the best customer support efforts in solving customer issues, no guarantees are made.
  • In no event will Beyond Evolution or its licensors, be liable to you for any special, consequential, indirect or similar damages, including, without limitation, damages for any lost profits, or loss of data arising from the use, or inability of the use, of the software.
  • At any time, user can discontinue their be-connected account. In any such situation, Beyond Evolution will not be responsible for the hardware as the software services will be discontinued.
  • For any clarification, users are requested to each out to our customer care at care@beconnected.in.
  • Beyond Evolution, licenses be-connected app, associated material and all documentation to you upon the terms contained in this End User License Agreement. Please read the terms before using the be-connected app.
  • Beyond Evolution, will update the Terms of Service to reflect any change in guidelines or our services. Beyond Evolution is not liable to notify the users of every update. Users are advised to view these regularly.

These Terms of Service are a legal agreement that clearly state our policy. By purchasing Betty and subscribing to the associated services, you agree to the terms stated above.