Warranty & Returns

Smart Plug Betty (device) comes with a 1-year warranty, during which we will take care of your device in case it is not working properly*. In short, you can send in your device for free repair by team BeConnected within the warranty period.

1. Warranty process

  1. Date of warranty will be 1 year from invoice date
  2. In case your device is not working, team BeConnected will try to resolve it remotely. If it is found that there is an issue with the hardware, you can send your device back to be evaluated for repair under warranty covering the following
    1. Faulty parts
    2. Damaged circuits
    3. Fault in motion sensor
    4. Fault in any part which is not due to mishandling, damaged device or short-circuit caused by using a wrong voltage input or power socket
  3. For devices to be repaired in warranty, customer has to ship ship the device in proper packaging to our team. We offer paid reverse logistics services.
  4. Devices that cannot be repaired shall be replaced with a new device. (subject to applicable warranty conditions).

2. *Scenarios that will not be considered in warranty

Team BeConnected will not be liable to provide warranty services in case of:
  1. Damage to the device due to mishandling.
  2. Breakage in circuits or internal parts which happens due to a harsh impact.
  3. Breakage due to a fall, water submersion, contact with fire or harmful chemical substances.
  4. Storing the device under a lot of weight or pressure.
  5. Using an appliance which is outside the power recommendations listed in the product specifications.
  6. Plugging in directly with wires or loose circuits that can cause a short-circuit.
  7. The device that has been opened for repair locally.

3. Replacement will be offered in case you receive a damaged device

  1. In case you receive a damaged device, report the same to our support team within 72 hours of receiving the device.
  2. Return will be applicable only if determined by our team that the item was not damaged while in customer’s possession, or is not different from what was shipped by us.
  3. Return the product in received condition along with packaging to get your device replaced.
  4. There will be no pick up or shipping charges for replacement of device after above conditions have been met.